Any Pixel 2 XL users managed to connect to a BT05/10?

All my other Android devices can see my Bluetooth Module/FOC…but my Pixel 2 XL cannot.

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone have any solutions? Maybe a tweek in developer settings?

Or are they just incompatible?

Bluetooth module purchased from Ali Express on recommendation from user with no issues.

I have pixel 2 and still can’t manage to get it to wotk too.

I have a Pixel 2 XL and could not connect to the BT-05 module. But there is a different version I got from a friend where it is a MLT BT-05 and it connects to my Pixel 2 XL. Hope this helps

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I’ve confirmed this hm-10 works with Android 8.0+ on pixel 2 XL. Just got it working tonight!

HM-10 Transparent Serial Port Bluetooth 4.0 Modules Bluetooth Serial Port With Logic Level Transformation

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Hey thanks for replying. Will seek one out and give it a go.

Amazing. Thanks for linking. Will pick one up and give it a go.