Any reason covering the back of my voltmeter with hot glue is a bad idea?


I would use a straw or something to create a channel around the button. Wouldn’t want it to be useless if the settings got reset for some reason.


There’s the potential that the hot glue will help transfer heat from hotter components to ones that normally don’t get heat.

But it’s a voltmeter, it’s not really using much power I hope. I’d say you’re fine. But I advise you to have it disconnected when you do, and use something more resistant like silicone if available.

also that ^

If your trying to water proof it, that won’t work. Get a water proof voltmeter.


If you use silicon then definitely disconnect it from power first and use a neutral cure. Silicon is conductive when wet and anything other than neutral eats solder over time.

yeah, go for something like rtv silicon, it’s not acidic and safe for electronic components.

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Ooops, you’re right. Forgot about the front, that wont be sealed to the case water tight

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nail polish should work

Hes on a carbon deck so its for insulation by the looks of it. Line that recess with adhesive rubber or use an insulating compound like a dow corning product and a bit of fish paper. Be careful dude I fried a bms with a carbon enclosure lid. Then again I’ve fried just about everything with anything and anything with everything. :sunglasses:

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Would make sense if it was on a carbon deck, i don’t think trampa decks are carbon though

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Black fibreglass is just sneaky. Vive la revolution

Trampa boards are non conductive