Any recommendations for 50XX motors currently on the market?

It’s getting kind of hard to find 50XX motors now for esk8, since they seem to be going out the door but I am still interested in them for their lighter weight, for portability. I’ve seen that Maytech, APS, and Racerstar still have them but I’m wondering if there’s anybody else that has them and if not, which one would you guys recommend over the others. Thanks.


5095 190kv :joy:


Where did you get that one?

You can find it on alibaba. It was hard to find before since the name of the product didn’t contain 5095 or 190kv or electric skateboard.

But now its easy to find. I won’t post it for the sake of the original owner of the motor design


That looks like something I’d like to buy but is it any good though?

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I don’t know, will need to test. PM me

Ah, I found it. Oy…they aren’t serious about the whole 200pcs as the minimum order are they?

I wonder if there are any other motors anyone else would recommend.

I think they are

I have 2 propdrive 5060 270kv motors with a homemade mount for caliber trucks for sale. I would take $85 with free us shipping for them both, they are barely used

Bleh…screw it. I’m just going to go with 63XX motors since they’re easy to get. Sucks that 50XX are getting phased out.

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In my experience, the main problem with 50XX is the bearings, they are simply not up to the task on the size that are possible to fit, and that is with top of the line bearings fitted

The issue is that the tolerances is all over the place, and for small bearings you need them just right or the bearing will be too compressed and the balls will be destroyed fast, in all of them that I tried the fit was too tight, fixing it by hand sanding the motor itself is a tedious task and you always end up a little bit misaligned And tearing the motor apart to put in a lathe is simply not work

Go bigger and be happy

Use Racerstar 5065 or just use 6355 motors

Yeah…I’m just going to pick up some 6354 motors.

I don’t weight all that much so it should be good enough.

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