Any rentals or cheap china boards?

Hey all, I’m looking to rent a board for about a week’s time. I’m currently shooting a short film for my college class and one of the major characters is a tech/engineer guy and an electric longboard/skateboard would be a great prop and also make for some nice shots. I’m looking to rent one for about a week so I would be able to shoot all the scenes the character is in.


I’d like to buy a really cheap Chinese board, I’m pretty sure I should be able to get a cheap one for around 250$. I don’t care if it’s used or not.

Craigslist dude …

This ain’t the place

Actually this very much is the place. I don’t know if you have noticed but this is the un categorized section of the forums; forums are a place for people to converse and discuss, and this section being made for random or misplaced topics makes it perfect.

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Haha…just make one and keep it…you won’t be sorry

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Lol, how often have you seen electric skateboards on craigslist? I have only seen one (the zboard that i bought) in the months that I have been looking.

@BrooklynRider It might help to say where you are located (for someone potentially willing to rent/lend you their board). Also if you just need it for a short time just to use in a movie, then I would say just get the cheapest one you can get. I’m sure a lot of people on here are going to tell you to spend more money on making one, but if you are not really interested in it, then just go the cheapest route you can.

I see them from time to time on Craigslist here in Vegas … All sorts of places

you lucky bastard :frowning:

post in the aboard market that you’re looking for a used board, you might get a legit reply there. Since this is uncategorized who know what kinds of replies you’re going to get.

Check that thread out for some cheap china boards. you might find a new one for a good price on

Thats as cheap as youll get man.
If you get it, let us know if its any good :slight_smile:

yeah, and also, if there’s enough room in that box to make a total sleeper by swapping out all the internals.