Any sensored 5055 motors that fits in DIYeboard kit?

So I’m looking to replace mine with sensored ones for that smooth startup. The current 5055 motors on my kit has 8mm shaft diameter. I’m looking to find something that’s similar so I don’t have to change the pulley. My current motor specs

The only one I’ve found so far is the Maytech 5055, however their motor has a 6mm shaft, so a bit smaller than mine.

Wouldn’t it be just as easy to buy a new motor with an appropriate pulley As it would be to buy a new motor that fits the pulley you already have and then have to take that pulley off your current Motor to put on the new Motors?


Take a look at this

I found a similar motor on Flipsky website that’s $60 + $15 shipping. Is there any difference besides the $35 difference?

You can also look at the racerstar motors I think there is a 5045 and a 5065 motor.

I think I found it What could be the trade-off with this slightly shorter motor? My current motor is 270kv, the racerstar is 200kv, so I gain a little bit more torque?

What type of battery you using.

10s samsung 20R

You will be fine with 10s you should actually be using 190-200kv for a 10s battery

What do different sizes mean for a motor? Like what’s the difference between a 6374 and a 6354 motor, for example?

What matters is the stator size inside the motor, unfortunately this info is not available most of the time

For example, there’s cases of a 6364 motor having the same stator of a 6355

With a bigger stator you can run higher current before saturation occurs, also you have more mass and surface area to absorve and dissipate heat

If your board it’s not a high speed one and you are not really heavy you will probably be fine with these motors at 10S, I’m happy with my dual 5055

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I don’t need to go fast, I’d prefer it to have enough torque to climb up hill since it’s pretty hilly where I live. So that means with a bigger motor, I can push more amps into it to make it take off faster? What’s your 5055 and does it have sensors?

I have 5065 270kv AT kit 10s3p battery. Strong enough carry stiff hills and im almost 200lbs speed settings #2 above pussy

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It’s from @torqueboards , unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore

They had sensors, but I removed, now for my next build I’m putting them back

Take a look at these videos to have an idea of the performance

I also add a temperature sensor and will be easier to see how much current I can put in then without overheat, for now I use 40 A each

Keep in mind that my board is severely battery limited, I have a max of 30A drain, só in hills the speed drop, if I had a battery capable of 60 A or more it would climb way faster, but that’s fine for me

Is that the Agacê Cruiser? Man that looks impressive! You designed your own truck, motor mounts and enclosures?

That’s the one, thanks

Enclosures and motor mount, the trucks are Paris 195mm modified a bit, but as you can see there it was not a good idea