Any shop with stock for 107mm ABEC 11 Electric Flywheels

Can’t find then anywhere, anyone has any input?

seriously use google. but i’m in a good mood so

on which continent mate ???

Usa or Canada

They are out of business i think been calling and emailing them with no answer

Shed Shop should have 3 sets in stock. I called a few weeks back and they were in stock. They do have a web site,

really? well it is a holiday weekend…

No i been tryibg for like 3 mobths now

Abec should have their wheels back in stock by December, that’s what I’ve heard

No, high demand lead to this. They just can’t produce these enough.

Its the actual opposite. I had a chat with the owner of a big longboard shop here in Vancouver and he told me that they maybe sell 1 set of 107s a year, because the only market is esk8 or some very random people, since it doesn’t really make a difference for regular longboarding.

Did they tell you when they are going to have the ABECs back in stock?

They have no clue

Was that Longboarder Labs? If so, he told me the same thing.

Flatspot in east hasting

These guys have stock (EDIT: read next comment first)

:arrow_up: Those guys don’t have stock. The wheels they are selling are not Electric Flywheels. They are false advertising.

@b264 are you 100% positive about this? They look legit

I am 100% positive. I have to return some now. It’s 100% confirmed false advertising.

Whaaat? So what are they?