Any VESC under 100$

looking to buy a vesc for my first build, does anyone have one for sale?

Use the search function. @torqueboards sells a vesc for $100 that I use.

Here’s some cheaper ones:

I did, the torqueboards one is 100$, I was looking for UNDER 100, so like 70-80$

You’re trying to save $20-30 on arguably the most important component, which could injure you if it fails…


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buy a maytech VESC i guess. They’re not the best but i’m running one at the moment and it hasn’t given me any trouble.

Hey, you really don’t need to be this rude, I am trying to save 20-30$ because I am on a tight budget. If the VESC is good I don’t see why not buy it used if it works well

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I’ve heard quite a few bad things about it :confused:

Not all vescs are the same, I’m trying to help, you don’t get it, fine, enjoy buying a vesc twice

Its not that I don’t get it, it’s that you are being outright rude by saying “that VESC is garbage”, it’d be fine just to say “that’s not a great VESC, maybe consider buying one new”

For $100 just get the TB VESC. I’ve updated mine to 3.31 fw running FOC on 6s and it’s been great for 250-300 miles.

You joined 2 days ago, cool, you’ll get used to the forum soon enough, welcome btw :wink:


If I were you I would steal those vescs, 80 bucks shipped for tb vesc

the new ones are pretty good. The truth in this hobby is that you get what you pay for.

i guess you can buy used but its always a little sus. My first VESC was used and failed for absolutely no reason.

The thing about the VESC platform is that (to my understanding, correct me if im wrong), in theory, if a VESC is functioning correctly, then it should perform exactly the same as any other VESC. Some are built to higher standards and thus are expected to be able to handle being driven harder (FOCBOX, Ollin) but any vesc should be fine.

that being said, i’ve only put maybe 20 miles on my Maytech so far so i guess we’ll see how long it lasts. I can tell you it performs really well right now though.

The problem is companies use cheap,subpar, lower spec components on vescs, vescs of the same version are far from identical between makers

Maytechs can literally be missing components(still functioning)

Focbox and ollin vesc all use upgraded components compared to the standard 4.12 bom It’s not necessarily how theyre built, it’s the components that make a diff

Just messaged the guy, thanks!

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hobbyking vesc those are 50 bucks

If you want to last 5 miles and a broken face hobbyking vesc is amazing


ESC not vesc?

It’s a 4.10 vesc and not available for purchase