Anybody E-Skate in Madrid, Spain? Legal? Problem?

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to see if anyone has any experience e-boarding in Madrid, Spain. I will be moving there in 2 weeks and want to bring mine along :rofl:

It seems to be a gray area legally? Anyone had any problems, issues?

Thanks guys,


Hola, I think there is not much a problem if you ride normally, but still, is not legal, just is a hole in the law to be determined if it’s go legal, actually the city is infested with scooters from Xiaomi and no problem at all. Anyway good to mention @tueboard he is from Madrid, also check []

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no problems for the time being. i have 4 boards and requently cruise by rio Mazanares

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Website doesn’t work :man_shrugging:

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Yeah I think the correct one is

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Thanks everyone! If you’re in Madrid, i’d love to meet up. Ill be there next week :slight_smile:

Anyone here in Madrid want to go for a ride?? Just reassembled my modular board :wink:

hey marcus! how was your experience riding in madrid? I’m going there for work in october and wanted to see how it went. Also, how did you transport the board, battery, etc? I am thinking of getting a short board to I can take with me. Let me know your experience and if you’re still there, i’d be down to meet up for a ride. thx!