Anybody ever built an e-skate with normal street skate deck?

Has anybody ever built an e-skate with normal street skate deck? Just curious.

Basically every build ever, except mtbs oh you were thinking of a skateboard deck, not longboard lol nvm

in my oppinion, too short, super small trucks, no option for big wheels

Yeah I did for my first Board. It sucked. Partially because it was my first board, but there’s also a lot of problems inherent with using a street deck. The trucks are not good for mounting a motor There’s not space on the trucks for a motor mount and wheel pulley There’s no space under the deck for electronics The board is heavy which defeats the purpose. Good luck doing an Ollie with a 10 pound board. Do 1 board slide and your electronics are ruined


Guess it’s not a good idea with 7inch trucks on a street deck either… :laughing:

Time flies. Been quite a while since this was posted. Does anybody know what @RunPlayBack is up to nowadays? Seems like he’s far from the activity level he once was on here :cry:

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He’s still active on IG and has been doing a lot of tech and video effects experimentation. I’m fairly certain that A2 esk8 doesn’t formally gather any longer.

But that build looks sick!

You will get jolted back every time you let go of the throttle, not worth it. :japanese_goblin: Balancing was almost impossible for me.

So you tried to build a board like that?

I did. My Nickel Board deck turned out longer so I switched to that a day lator. Then to a longboard. :grinning:

Don’t do it. Had one of my worst falls on a normal skateboard deck

Did you mount the trucks on the tails? Like @RunPlayBack ?

Can you please elaborate? How is it worse than a penny?

I also had a nasty fall on a street deck in my younger days, but was really looking to get a short street deck cut to put some big Calibers on.worth it?

It works just fine, I love mine…


I’m sold, how much :joy:

Wow. That looks great! Guess you need experience to not get speed wobbles on that short wheelbase…

Ran mine on the tails. Angles don’t work out

Reminds me of a deck made by I forgot the name brand (a known one) which is a weird hybrid.

Like you cross a street deck, cruiser deck, pool deck and you add extra length at the rear for rear truck, so the tail can’t be Ollie (it serves as support for downhill). Short and fast deck, looked good in video.

Rings a bell? Might be to your taste.

I did a build thread on it, it’s all there…and more…

Metroboard actually sells them new, and I have this

It’s awesome, too

I think the Genesis Stinger is a cheap hub-motor version of a park deck as well.