Anybody ever heard of NAPSR - National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing 🏁

This dude James Hawkins says he’s president …

I kinda don’t trust him…he doesn’t take off his helmet…and he backs Home Depot … Lol

But maybe it’s time something like this needs to happen…some sort of official “Club” racing and build contest… Something like that …

Maybe someone can connect these topics.

My name is Jimmy Hawkins and I am the founder of the NAPSR Racing. ten years ago my partner and I had a will to give back to our community . Something that was needed and something we knew was positive as both my partner and I knew first hand the value of organized sports. I had just met slome skateboarders and so I researched the industry. We realized instantly why this sport with such great potential could not support but a handful of athletes gainfully . So Billy Brown and I decided to create the NAPSR the organization whose shoulders would give not only voice to the athletes but jobs that they could support a family on. the rest will be history and what we wanted will be achieved our legacy . Our gift to to a very deserving group of athletes who through perseverance and commitment have taken the sport to incredible heights but this new discipline in their sport will be capable of delivering more than any other discipline yet in the sport of Skateboarding. For 9 years I have dedicated my life to unknown faces and am committed to achieve their goals with my hands and connections. help me to them? 10818-960-2033 Billy 1-850-997-7458

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My name is Jimmy Hawkins and the discipline of Powered Skateboard Racing is no longer a dream of mine and Lt. Col. Billy Browns and the passion for racing by the original trick six in no way has tapered down. What has happened is the thirst for this type of competitive racing has grown exponentially every single year since we first introduced the sport via the web. There are now thousands of athletes who have experienced the exhilaration of powered skateboard racing and we have even seen the envelope get ever expanded until we now have a street luge in the design of our patented X-Calibur Full Race Powered Skateboard. Our Patent was engineered by Carlos Novo and fabricated byRon Burns and myself. the financial backing came from a 85 year old gentlemen named Lt. Col. Billy Brown. Billy and I started this project to give something back to our country by helping a group of athletes who in my opinion have been misled by the current figure head of the sport. If an individual truly cares about the group he claims to belong to then that person would want to do everything in his power to assist others in realizing the same dream that he was realizing. The truth of the matter I am sure that this individual deep down inside believes he is one of the regular guys but let me tell all of youthis. When your sister was one of the brains behind Google and she gets retired she wants one thing to continue making lots of money just like Google made her her first millions. it is the difference between having no self worth and being worth 125 million dollars. Who’s kidding who? One Hundred Twenty five million dollars cool cash and or liquidable assets. With over 3400 skateboard parks built and few if any real paying jobs to go with them that is not your figure head fully looking out for you. It is in actuality a way to corral free spirited people more like sending indians to a reservation. Note the motorcycle turned into a motocross racing vehicle . Not one motorcycle park designated for them to ride. The car the same way. This organization helped clip your wings and allowed law enforcement a very clean resolve from business to further excommunicate the skateboarders from society. the same individuals have been very resistant to allowing new disciplines into the sport which saw as not a sport. And the figurehead agreed he did not want skateboarding or the athlketes associated with it to exploited. But why when that is exactly what he was doing the entire time. For those of you who are blind keep thinking he is right guy and your chances of joining his and his sisters country club is nil.powered Skateboard racing is a highly competitive form of racing. Racing is racing its not for the weak at heart. We look forward to sharing with all the new champions this sport creates and hope that if you want to be a part of any country club open your eyes and keep them open Powered Skateboard Racing may very well be your claim to fame and the riches that go with it.

First off, Hello @jameserichawkins/James. Very cool that youve been doing this for so long :slight_smile:

who is this?


I also look forward to what you will share, and Im curious as to what improvements youve made over the years of building and amassing knowledge.

‘We’ - The community and engineers behind it- have made massive leaps and bounds, and I would go so far as to call them completely different vehicles. How do you feel about the advancements that have been made, and how do you see yourself adapting them to your own racing builds?

A man you might like to get in contact with is Moe, a dedicated engineer and racer. @MoeStooge



Its only a little bit better than Trampa’s word soup :joy:

I tried to take the best / readable bits out… lol

My name has not changed and neither has the X-Calibur. The X-Calibur is a skateboard that has transformed the industry paving a way for more skateboarding athletes to share in what will decidedly be the best thing that happened to skateboarding and skateboarders whether a plane is a sea plane or a land based plane it is still a plane. The facts are clear the high speed wooble that can be the main contributing factor to most high speed incidents involving skateboarders on skateboarders is virtually eliminated and the fact remains that adding a swing arm like the X-calibur