Anybody got a 12mm Torqueboards motor pulley and a ruler?

I’d like to know exactly how much motor shaft in millimeters one of @torqueboards 12mm motor pulleys uses. His 9s use almost exactly 20mm. I’m talking about ones you buy from http:// .

I tried to ask Alex in their tech support chat twice but he failed to understand the dimension i was asking for, then he got lost somewhere and stopped responding. I hope he’s ok. I hope he didn’t get lost on his way to the bathroom or something, then get abducted by human traffickers or something terrible. I hope he still has his kidneys and just accidentally my conversation. I know Dexter’s super mega international corporate conglomerate is huge and multinational and multilingual so its entirely possible that Alex is just lost in some hallway labyrinth between vast multi acre cubicle farms that he’ll never get out of. HE may not even know what country he’s in at this point, the poor bastard.

So yeah if anyone sees an amber alert for Alex let everyone else know and also i need to know about the pulleys.


SDP-SI has mechanical drawings for all their pulleys (and downloadable CAD models). They have 12mm HTD5 pulleys in every tooth size and multiple bore sizes…

Might be helpful for you

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You see Canadian are always ahead.


just checked… looking for a 12mm belt width, 16T, 8mm bore, steel. Not seeing anything there that matches that, looks like they only have 6mm bore in HTD5 which is unfortunate.


Yeah… I bought all my pulleys with a 0.25" bore and bored them out to 8mm. Only takes a second on a lathe, but that’s assuming you have access to one

If you are buying a lot, they would probably make them with a 8mm bore for you. That sounds expensive as I type that…

@longhairedboy don,t worry bro Alex is still alive…


LOL Thanks for checking on him bro.


@longhairedboy LOL.

As of right now, we only have 8mm bore, 16mm wide pulleys which we use for 12mm and 15mm. I was planning on sticking to 16mm for both and all options but we’ll have a 12mm and 15mm option separately moving forward. Maybe 1-2 weeks for the new stock until then 16mm wide pulleys only.

ugh… dexter has already done this… but while we wait on them to respond…

Lets use our wildly unfounded speculation skills to theorize what may have happened to Alex. If i divine from what i know about Alex, and consider what i know about three breasted hookers on Mars, things begin to form into a pretty clear picture.

but how much of my shaft will they consume?

Let me rephrase that. What is the distance between the two bore holes on either side of the pulley?

@torqueboards could you also check, just to be sure, and I don’t want to sound like a conspirationist, that Ricardo as not kidnapped Alex, because he really sound suspicious.

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@longhairedboy I’m going to have to check with Alex on that one. LOL

The pulley itself is 23mm long, 16mm usable belt length the rest is flange and thread.

@JohnnyMeduse lol they’re fine.