Anybody have a Jacob hub breakdown video?

The PU got spun around and it’s not lined up right so it isn’t round anymore. I tried unscrewing everything I could and tried to pop off what I thought was the hub cover but it doesn’t seem to come off and I don’t want to break anything.

TLDR: how do i breakdown Jacob hubs?

Its simple all you have to do is unscrew all the small 2mm hex screws then loosen the 6mm locking nut and pull it out. You might have to get a screwdriver or something to lightly pry the locking nut out because it is a very tight fit.

Is that what I’m prying off? I took the 2mm he’s screws, where is the locking nut?

Those are not genuine jacob hubs so Im not sure exactly

Fair nuff. I appreciate you trying.