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Anybody need a set of 5 inch pneumatics? SOLD

I bought these from enertion a while back, and then just didn’t use them as much as I wanted to; mostly because I had a single 50mm motor that would have burnt out if I rode it more than half a mile, but you know, that’s the single 50mm life…

now that I actually have a powertrain that can handle these bad boys (10s, 63mm motor). I used them for a little bit, but then went back to flywheels with my love for arbor decks.

These wheels have basically spent the last couple months of their life neglected in the corner of a garage… and with all the people wanting to build boards with pneumatic tires (and not being able to buy them from enertion because they are out of stock), I feel stupid just wasting a perfectly good set of pneumatic wheels that someone else could enjoy.

so here’s what you would get if you choose to buy these wheels: 4 wheels pulley kit allen key, two set scews, and keyway “nugget” bag of extra bolts reds bearings!

if anyone wants them, I’m open to any offers- just PM me!

EDIT: I am in the states, so just be aware of shipping costs depending on your location.

I’ll trade you for a brand new set of Caliber II trucks, in silver.

Thanks, but I’ll hold off for now @King1017

I’m just going to give it a few days, and see what everyone thinks the wheels are worth, and then go from there.

pending to @longhairedboy at the moment…

What’s the current trade? lol

@torqueboards I’m trading for one of @longhairedboy’s custom decks… check out his instagram here: to see the in-progress photos.

I can’t wait, lol.

@cmatson yours is going to be glued and pressed today, and hopefully i’ll be able to cut it out and sand it either tonight or in the morning. Cut, sanded, logo’d, drilled for old school, but not stained, per your request. I can’t throw in the inlaid wiring because after yesterday i figured out how many hours that takes and unfortunately its too expensive time wise. But i will throw in a box mounting kit with 16mm bolts so you can build the box you mentioned.

The one on my instagram is being taken all the way to complete custom build so i can sell it, but it is the same exact deck. You’ll get the benefit of me having already done this once before, as that one was my first with that design.

I’m pretty pumped too. These decks are turning out amazingly well. I can’t wait to fabricate a form and then a mold so i can glass some boxes!

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no worries man! I don’t need the inlaid wires and stuff, just a deck, lol.

After seeing the one you just made I can’t wait!

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If these are still available may I buy them? How do I pm on this forum?

Sorry, I already traded them to @longhairedboy

I’m going to update the title of this thread as to not confuse anymore people…

I’m hoping to cut a custom Scarlet shape for those wheels pretty soon and build it out as an off-roader, but i’m strapped right now. Probably this summer. Those wheels will see some dirt though!