Anybody seen this yet? Yuneec just came out with new models!

New Ego 2 and Ego X -Still overpriced -Still lower specs -Actually looks decent tho :joy: Any thoughts?


Kids and Teens Board

looks like shit

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Well, to me it looks like a HUGE freaking board when i look at the info from the clip… 9 metres long and 3 metres wide!!


For scale


Maybe they meant mm?

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You did not seriously do a google conversion from mm to m :joy:


hahahahahahah i fkin lol’d! :joy:

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I did. I’m in America, still work by inches and feet (I’m not the smartest either) Just using the tools available :joy:


Well, I’m in America and my school only uses the metric system :stuck_out_tongue:


I was at Fry’s electronics today getting some solder and walked by a stack of boxes with the ego-2. So I stopped and opened one up to take a closer look. It doesn’t look that big, The deck appears to be composite. I’d say the shape is much better than the earlier version. The motor,battery etc. look the same. The whole thing looks more toy like with the color scheme. The wheels feel cheaper than those on the earlier version. The New Ego-X is the one I’m waiting to see with dual motors and off-road tires


Mines charging now (ego-2) ! Gonna post YouTube soon (1st impression video posted)

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You bought an Ego-X?

I would like to buy the trucks from the Ego-X ^^

bought the ego-2

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Let us know what you think about them after trying them out.

my brother bought one and I sincerely specter a lot less, but they actually are good👍🏻

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Looks decent! Maybe a review?

the ego x looks a bit like my build. I wonder how those trucks ride.

Looks like they kept everything the same except for the deck and wheels.

The trucks on my old EGO are decent. They ride sort of like Randals, but not quite as nice. Changing the bushings helps a lot. I’ve gone off a lot of curbs and bumps with them and they’ve held up very well.