Anyone 3D printing wheel splash guards?

I had to ride home from work on wet streets last week and even though it wasn’t raining, my legs and the top of my deck got soaked. I got thinking that it would be easy enough to print some splash guards to fit on Caliber trucks and just cover the top half of the wheels. Is there anything like this out there? I’d be willing to pay for a set since I have zero modelling or 3D printing experience.

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I am! I’m planning on designing some fenders, possibly with headlights, for my board. Think somewhere between 1930s cars and steampunk (I hope). I have 8 inch tires though, so they might be a tad large for yours. What do you have in mind?

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Oh sounds very cool! I was just thinking something super simple that would slip onto the truck and cover the wheel but I hadn’t really thought about it more than that (I’m not a creative type)

No worries! Depending on your budget you could try this site: At a glance their stuff looks pretty good, but I don’t really know anything about them. I could design something simple for you, but the 3D printer I just ordered won’t be here for another​two months or so. Unless you want me to send you the file and you can find someone near you with a printer. The last option I’d suggest is for you to try using Tinkercad. It’s a free online 3d modeling program, no download needed. It’s intended for people with no CAD experience, so it’s really easy to use.

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Thanks for the pointers! Those wheel shields look just about perfect but $90 for a set is outrageous! I’ll keep you in mind and get back to you in a few months if I’m still looking for something.

I don’t know who originally created this model, its a splash guard fro 90mm wheels.


That’s pretty much exactly what I was thinking of. Thanks!

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Good find @mmaner! I’ll post anything else I find here.

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no worries, glad to help.

Saw this on thingiverse a little while ago, I haven’t tried printing it yet though:


While waiting for my wedge adapters to be ready, I thought I’d put up a little teaser for something I’m working on for the tire-inclined among us:

Coming (as) soon (as I get my own 3D printer- so, about a month and a half)!


That is deadly, t have seen one other one on thingiverse made by @Duffman I think

I like yours but 8" or 9" …I can run you a test print if you like

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Ok probably not duffman but here is what I found

That would be really helpful! Yes, it’s meant for 8" tires.

Meant for Kegels, but could be adapted for any wheel.

Would be nice if someone could make a 97mm wheel Version! I would immediately print it.

I shortened the fender by 4mm as the 97’s are a little thinner than the kegels. I don’t have a model of the 97 flywheels.

Hardware is M5. (4) 35mm bolts and (4) M5 locknuts

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Thank you very much!

These are meant for ebikes / scooters

@High-roller @t0m_r1dd1e I thought the same thing about the wheelshields ($90 :open_mouth: ) I designed a pair which can be 3d printed and there up on thingiverse.

Designed to fit a 80mm wheel but can be used on any board type, truck etc. It’s attached via the nut which makes it super simple to attach and remove. I have been testing them for about a month with no issues so far.

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