Anyone able to get a hold of Carvon (Jerry)? I never received my order

I purchased a V3 Drive from his website (about 1.5 years ago), and then took the option to upgrade it to a V4 TorqueDrive while I was waiting for it to be delivered (eta was July last year).

I never received anything (no shipment notification or anything) and he’s not responding to any emails I send to him (he used to be quite responsive). Anyone know how I might be able to reach him? Or has Carvon gone defunct?

Maybe. @LEVer

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Sorry about that, got lost in the website shuffle. We’ll ship your V4 TorqueDrive today and include a set of wheels for the troubles.


Ah, thanks the response and for the wheels! It probably also explains why my prior emails didn’t go through (sent to old website). Glad you’re still around. :slight_smile:


Hey sorry to jump in here…@LEVer I have some v4sdr and they are wild… love them…i want more…lol…any chance of selling a pair of torque drives if you got around for my old lady and for my lil city ripper build…wanting to buy two drives off of you please and thanks…I know your balls deep right building completes… but any chance in the future too would be amazing and I’m sure alot of guy would love a group buy if possible…thanks for your time and help… Cheers…

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I’m ordering more TD motors, but the ones I have here are already going to be shipped out. I’ll probably do a Group Buy of V4 TorqueDrives with 10.5" front truck included once I start shipping the SpeedDrive XL.


Absolutely amazing @LEVer please do as I’m totally in for buying two drive as soon as you give the ok…if you come by a couple in the shop sooner pm me I’ll take them off your hands …thank you again for all the help …cheers Jerry…

Its been a year @LEVer an I still haven’t gotten my EXO

only a year and you’re already complaining?


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is this another meme? semi-serious question.

it’s not a meme. Look at

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I Never said it was the truth. I also doubt…

I literally can’t reach anyone from Carvon. Did they shut down? None of their sites are up, none of their emailadresses respond, none of their public accounts post anything anymore. Desperate for some spare parts, does anyone on this forum hold the secret to reach this Company? :persevere:

@Chase is taking jerry to court, carvon won’t deliver. they are supposedly waiting on some new drives from China

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Yikes. I suppose if actual orders are ignored I can forget about getting any customer support. Very disappointed.

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Give chase your order number and stuff about your order, it’ll help chase win the case

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:thinking: I would, but I didn’t have any concrete issues with the ordering process. I payed for the products, I got the products, it just simply took ages and the communication was/is miserable to impossible.