Anyone build using Invader trucks?

I built a Sector 9 “Original Cloud 9” a few years back and used the Invader S/C 183mm trucks, but apparently they are an uncommon truck. Looking to see if anyone has built an eSk8 using them or recommend a mount for them. IMG_20180619_173120%5B1%5DIMG_20180619_173108%5B1%5D

The hanger is there, I think you meant “motor mount”.

Those trucks are just cheap propriety stuff only available from Sector9 and made for completes, I suspect Chinese manufacture and they look like most tkp wide trucks on the market like Indy 169 or 215. There will be no motor mounts on the market made for these trucks, and only a few for similar trucks. You will most likely have to have one custom made to fit.

Yep, mount. Thanks!