Anyone built a board specifc for air travel?

Hey I have a raptor 1 and between the bigger battery and the carbon fiber deck not being travel rule/luggage thrower friendly I’ve been debating building a board just for travel and maybe if a friend wanted to ride (ie more of a beater board). Curious on if anyone has had the same idea and executed it. Post if so.

I built one for air travel. And then United changed their airline policy so I took it apart. I’m selling the batteries right now if you want them - legal everywhere except on United flights

What’s their new policy out of curiosity?

Can’t you just fly any other airline?

Bummer man. Almost sounds like most airlines will behind the same thought before too long.

Yeah that is going to suck… I really want to bring mine to Cali…

I already bought the tickets… no full refunds at this point. Easier just to hook up a penny and take the train

Where is your built?

Just looking to see other’s setups that have built them and made it through and what to expect.

You can ship the battery to your destination. Pain in the ass though.

Hello, I am new here and most likely will be buying a prebuilt e-board. I just don’t have the time and or skill to build my own the level of knowledge and insight I see here at this forum is awesome. I do have a question. Are the Blink boards any good? I see the Blink S is 80Wh which would allow me to fly commercial airlines in the USA but is it just a toy that will brake in 12 months? From what I gather Boosted and Evolve are the industry leaders at the moment but both are too powerful to travel on airlines with. Any ideas on other brands?

If i give in and spend the cash for a Boosted or Evolve what are your thoughts of either? Is there something better out there? I really like the Evolve Bamboo GT and even the new Evolve ONE (are dual motors really better than 1?) Thoughts?

My humble thoughts are do as much research as you can. Coming from a drone building background e-skates are pretty simple to build. All that said I bought a pre built board and have been happy with it. I wouldn’t choose different if I were to go back.

Most airlines, last I checked, offer up to 99 wh on batteries so boosted boards would be allowed on most airlines and most countries. Seems to be changing very quickly though.

Two motors are better for torque up hills. Personally if it was primarily for me (180 lbs aka 82kg) I would do a dual motor setup. I’ve never ridden a single motor setup but I see the holes even a top notch dual motor setup has on hills and to me its just worth spending the extra money but it depends on your budget.

Really, just do some more reading and you’ll get a better idea of where you’re at.

I’m planning on taking the battery out from my board and putting it in my checked luggage (without a battery it shouldn’t look suspicious in any scanners), and then taking my battery as carry-on. Should work, in theory.

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So essentially I think breaking down the boards components and putting them in a carry on then getting ur battery and that’s where I can’t figure out what to do with it

I have a question but first let me set the scenario.

I build a electric skateboard that has a removable battery pack. The removable battery pack can be sub-divided by connectors into individual packs that are under the 99 Wh limit each. Is it still considered safe to travel with these as the packs were welded and created by me?

Perhaps the only way to travel with an electric skateboard is by creating a solder-less battery pack where each cell can be individually removed and stored in a container?

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