Anyone buying batteries from China?

Hello everyone,

Are you or do you know someone who is buying good quality batteries from China? The reason I want to know this is because I am in china but in taobao I feel I can’t trust what they advertise and I more likely to pay the real price for a fake model.

If someone knows some legit companies please comment here :slight_smile:

I am looking for x50 Samsung 30Q, LG Hg2 or something similar or better. I don’t mind buying a Chinese battery as long as you guys tested it already and say it is good quality.

I have a dual 6374 so I will need some juice capability.

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Aliexpress store name liitokala. they have tons lithium battery orders and also have a good reviews. You can check youtube the batteries reviews. Some people will say its generic not the original and others will say its legit. The best way to answer your question? do a tons of research and reading. I just realized going cheap on battery not worth it burning my house!


I had a board catch on fire from a battery issue. If you choose cheap cells you might as well set 20 $100 bills on fire

LiitoKala sells fake cells… just filter the reviews to 1 stars and you’ll see the amount of people receiving fake 30q cells that can only do 10a continuous

Guys I don’t want to buy cheap cells, I want to know who sells good sells in China because I am in China. I know all that, thats why I am creating this post :smiley:

I am only afraid of trying to buy the original cells for a expensive price and at the end still get a fake one.

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i’ve bought 45 x 26650 cells from Liitokala for a build.

They arrived just fine, very well packed and capacity of more then 5000mAh just like they should be. They also tested on Lygte and perform good, so they are no crap. I’m sure this shop on alliexpress has samsung 30Q cells and I’ve seen video’s on youtube that they are just the same. Maybe you should go for VCT6 if you can get them cheap?

There’s been a few threads recently with people in China struggling to get parts, seems crazy but makes sense. Here we all are in the West desperate to get parts from China :slight_smile:

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got once hg2 cells from them too. they had the right capacity, but they all had also the same serial number… which seems for me a bit strange. Who knows which drain they can stand. I luckily just ordered 20, which I will use now for powerbanks etc.

Some items are straight forward but others are easily faked like battery for example. Other stuff like motor mounts, trucks, wheels are easy to find and cheap.

you will get better prices at nkon, you will get genuine cells and there will not be any hassle of paying import taxes

I said this before there are plenty of legitimate companies for batteries in China

Do you know the name of any of them? It’s not that I don’t believe you, but it would be good to have some actual company names for future referencing…


I know for sure of one since I have used them once, but the rest I am just assuming but considering their reputation on Alibaba I guess they wouldn’t be selling fakes

So ironic hey?

Listen guys…I got a little china battery secret for you all. Paying attention?


Follow the money…


…you are watching the incredibly Team Gee H6 hub motor board…

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…yes, yes, I know, you cannot watch that incredibly thin classic hub motor GPrix style Pintail longboard with your mouth close (leave that for later, now focus) … look closer what’s under the grip tape, see that? There lies my little secret…which I’m willing to share with all of you sick-spending-bug contagious esk8 DIYers.

Take a look at minute 1:05 of this vid…:point_down:

…and the truth will be revealed to you!

Thinnest, flexier battery you all can use for your wildest builds. :sunglasses:

About a year ago someone recommended these guys:

I bookmarked the URL but I haven’t used them, so I can’t say if their batteries are legit.

I can confirm that other people have used them and they said it was legit

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