Anyone Contacted Torque Boards?

Tried to use his chat function and sent some emails, but nothing. Has anyone order something in the past 3 days and it not been shipped to or just me :wink:

Better yet has anyone been able to see @torqueboards available in the live chat recently?

I was on the chat a few days ago with him, we talked for maybe 10min but then he stopped replying. Not sure if that’s related to what’s happening now or what haha

It seems like he hasnt been online for a few days, Could be on vacation :slight_smile:

I don’t mind the man being on vacation, just want to make sure he’s okay. Then if my package actually left :slight_smile:

Same here, hasn’t replied to a couple emails, Hope you’re enjoying the supposed holiday Dexter, well deserved break :stuck_out_tongue:

So since your the last one who speek to him… this is basically your fault :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He must have really insulted him. :confused:

Yea been trying as well as a new subscriber to his emails you get $10 off you first order and haven’t received any emails yet

The code it’s self is “newsubscriber” if that’s what you need. @2-alex-2

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No that doesn’t work. Just tried.

@torqueboards I believe is moving at the moment.


Sad times :’( He’s no longer around the corner to me.

Yeah @FLATLINEcustoms I can confirm he is in the process of moving to a bigger location, must be very busy right now.

X3 He is moving.

@torqueboards Update: Yea ive been trying to contact him as well but no reach back hopefully he contacts me before he sent out the items . if anyone hears news from him can you be kind enough to update us

Hey guys… It’s been a while since I’ve had access to logging in.

Anyways, we were in the process of moving.

We should be done in the next day or so and will resume operations.

Any questions, send us an email. We’ve been checking email as of lately and past emails we’ll be following up with.


I’m glad to have found this thread. I sent out a couple emails with no response and was worried the whole business went AWOL. Please let us know when you’ve resumed operations.

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He is almost done moving. He is answering people though

Strange, I’ve filling out a few contact forms out over the past week, but I haven’t heard back. I’ll try to send an email directly (maybe the form doesn’t work as well as direct emails)

yea i still havent received anything my self but i thought with the holidays he would be busy. Come Monday though and i still havnt herd from him i think its safe to say we should be worried