Anyone done a build with 107mm wheels?

I want a smoother ride, but not sure I’m ready to make the jump to pneumatic wheels.

Anyone have experience riding on 107s? I see there is a kit online

I have ridden 83mm and 97mm but still want a smoother ride since some of the roads I ride on aren’t the best.

I have no issues riding 90-110mm wheels.

Best for damaged streets like DC.

Do you think it would be a noticeable difference from 97 to 107?

Nah. Clearance from ground is great though.

I’m 130lbs more or less so either works great for me.

I use 97’s which is a good speed to weight to size ratio. Though I think 90’s may be better for the lighter weight. Doubt you’ll see much improvement from 107’s

Yeah, just try to decide whether another extra little bit of comfort is worth the effort

Wish I knew someone with 107’s so I could compare to mine.

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