Anyone else experiencing incredibly slow enertion shipping?

I ordered a space cell pro enclosure from enertion a month ago, and they still haven’t shipped it. I emailed support and they said that they would talk to the warehouse but that was two weeks ago and it still hasn’t been shipped. Has anyone else experienced this from enertion? I’m going to be moving in about three weeks and I was really hoping to have this build done by then.

Yes, this is very common with Enertion but also eSk8 in general.

There are numerous threads about this and I have a funny feeling this one is going to get locked soon.

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Oh shoot, my bad. Thanks though, I’m still trying to wrap my head around all this stuff, I appreciate that everyone is so helpful.

@JLabs Some vendors are pretty fast at delivering parts. Torqueboards Psychotiller JLabs Esk8 market APS Chaka I personally have had very good success with these vendors.


Who are the vendors: Jlab and APS? Could you leave a link to their website, I cant seem to find em?

APS is Alien Power System and Jlabs is @JLabs whose website isn’t workin atm due to updates?

I’m changing website and domains.

The domain ends in 15 days and after that she will die in the graveyard of lonely domains.

Well that’s a drag

oops, giving my age away with that one.

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jeez that international shipping price hurts… an extra 80 bucks just cause its to canada :frowning:

Not sure what your talking about?

the shipping cost from

Yeah I ordered a vescx and a controller and they took forever as well. They took so long that I decided to email them and to just ask for a refund. Kind of funny because when I asked for the refund my stuff was shipped the very next day… coincidence? Maybe…

Maybe I’ll have to try that, I just hope they don’t actually give me a refund because I don’t really know anywhere else to get a good enclosure like that.

@psychotiller makes and sells good enclosures

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And shipping to canada from is $23

So that everyone knows. Enertion is based out of Australia. This is about two to three weeks for shipping from Australia to USA.

I can’t talk for the Australia -> USA shipping time. But I’ve ordered from USA before and it has only taken a few days to show up. I guess it all comes down to who is used and the luck of the draw :slight_smile:

I would understand if it took two weeks or so to arrive after shipping but it’s been a month and they still haven’t even shipped what I ordered…

Good idea, I think I’ll just cancel my enertion order and get the psychotiller 405 enclosure.