Anyone else waiting on a SPACE CELL PRO from Enertion?

I ordered a Space cell on August 1st. At the time it said “Shipping from 31st July 2016”. A message a friend sent to support to ask when space cells would be shipped was mid August.

End of August is coming and I ask when mine will be shipped. I’m told a couple of weeks.

I then ask for a refund and I’m told it will be shipped out Early next week (It’s Sunday). Fine. Ship it out early next week or give me a refund I say…

It’s now the middle of next week. Yesterday I get a message saying it will be a 20% fee if I refund.

What are my options ? Should I just leave it in Paypal’s hands (Enertion have not delivered)

I ordered the batteries with a expectation of the time it would take to arrive. Enertion have not met that expectation. Why should it cost me ?

After 4 months for a VESC order to arrive I’m not going to continue a month after month wait with delivery times being pushed out again and again.

I’ve lost all faith in Enertion boards.

I just had an order fulfilled by Enertion. I actually had quite a good experience with them aside from forgetting to use a discount code and them not honoring it after waiting until morning to contact them. That’s alright though. My fault.

I ordered a motor, motor mount, some belts and a wheel pulley from them. I had a tracking number from them the 17th and my package was ready to be delivered the 22nd. Pretty impressive, especially considering Australia to USA shipment. I think it really just depends on the items that you order from them that people are seeing long shipping times with cough space cells, VESCs and raptors cough.

Don’t forget that Enertion is still ran out of @onloop’s garage (at least to my knowledge) with small staff and he still has another day job and a family to tend to. They’re trying!

My initials experience with enertion was also great. There wheels and trucks I have from them are holding up really well. I have praised enertion time and time again when people ask how I made my electric broad.

Now being told it’s going to cost me over $100 because enertion can not delivery within the time frame that was understood when I ordered has completely changed my view of them.

@covert sorry to hear this

But same as @Goombaacez84 i had a quite good experience with enertion. I had my vesc and motor in 3 weeks, it could have been faster if we had not had the address issue. I messed up the address.

Well thats my story, maybe shipping battery oversea is a lot more difficult than other stuff i think, u know the aviation regulation.

This is true as new regulations are in place to prevent lithium fires. It has to be packaged a certain way so as to decrease the chances a pack is short and goes into thermal runaway.

Thanks @chuttney1 and @kyo. I’m also in Australia like Enertion. I should of mentioned that. This is not a logistics issue about getting the board order to me.

We are not screwing you intentionally, maybe you would be kind enough to change the thread title.

Just so you know we are building orders out as fast as possible & shipping them all over the world as fast as possible. Selling batteries gets very tricky due to the always changing air freight rules & regulations this means the time frames are very hard to manage… At one point a few months ago we couldn’t actually bring batteries to Australia at all.

here are your options.

  1. We can cancel your order, However because the battery is already being made & also possibly in transit to us there are some costs already incurred to get your battery to Australia. So there will need to be some fee involved as we have had to pay for parts, labour & shipping costs. As I hope you can appreciate shipping custom made batteries all over the world is expensive & complex.

  2. Try to be patient, there are no other suppliers in the entire world for electric skateboard batteries in this configuration so what other options would you be looking at using that could arrive any quicker?

  3. Store credit, order something else that we have in stock, i can ship it today & give you a tracking number.

Send the battery to me in New Zealand and I’ll pay for it haha.

That’s not really true though…

There are a couple people on here who build custom batteries, and im pretty sure both DIY and alien power systems have (or at least have had) similar batteries.

Yes you are one of the few who make them, but the claim that you are “the only one in the world” is not exactly correct.

they don’t have a battery built into a hard case that has mounting hardware & enough space for two vesc… unless i am mistaken… & they don’t ship to Australia unless i am mistaken.

True, i forgot you had the hardcase now, so i was thinking more of the original space cell.

@onloop I feel like I’m being screwed.

I ordered this item on the understanding that delivery would be mid August, This understanding was obtained by email confirmation first (not by me but by a friend who noted in the email that they and I would be ordering one). Unfortunately, Mid August came and went and no product arrive and no communication regarding the delay was received. I have other options like many other builders here. If I had of known I’d be waiting until mid September (even if that’s the date it will ship) I would not have placed the order in the first place.

If this product was a built to order item I would be more understanding to your point of view but it is not. It is a shelf stock item (even if you can keep it on the shelf for long with the demand)

No. These are not my options. There your suggestions. There are more options.

No. You can fully refund my order. I placed an order with a expectation of the time frame it would take to arrive and you have failed at that. It’s your fault, It’s your cost. It’s your responsibility.

There are options available now in different configurations, but that’s irrelevant to this thread.

No. You have nothing else in stock I want and I have lost faith in your customer service and business.

what is the order number? If your battery hasn’t left the factory I can try to ask the factory to express ship it directly to you instead of going through the normal channel.

@onloop you are not getting it. I’m done with your business and your products. I want my money back.

Here is my order number for a full refund to be processed on. Any words from Enertion about shipping dates hold no value. Also direct shipping from the manufacture at this stage just passed the buck on any future delays, as well direct shipping bypassed your quality control at the Australian Warehouse. I’m not going to be left holding the ball on this one.

As listed in Paypal “Your order from enertion boards (#5155)”

Prior to this experience I would of considered Enertion for future purchases (and recommendations to others).

@onloop Topic title was valid but you edited it. Please explain ?

You will find the paypal transaction in your Resolution Centre section in Paypal.

this is a forum for builders of electric skateboards, it’s not a forum for complaining about vendors, also your title was offensive, that language is not permitted on the forum.

the irony here is now that you have submitted a PayPal dispute you will likely wait longer for your refund than the time it would have taken to get your battery delivered…

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