Anyone ever order the remote from

Hey guys, just trying to pick out a remote for my first build. Was told that the benchwheel remote is one of the best more reliable remotes you can get. The link I was give when told this went to Miami boards where it was sold out so I did some searching and found it available from for a pretty resonable price and with free shipping as an option. Though they are a little vague on details I figured I’d just double check that this remote would be compatible with any build I might do. I’d hate to wast the money buying something that won’t work for my build. Build sheet for reference:

The remote from Miami is from bench wheel. Miami is just reselling it for a higher price.

You shouldnt use pla for wheel pulley either

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Yeah, I was overly excited to do something related to the board. @mmaner has already printed me another pulled using ABS. I’m expecting that one will hold up much better from what everyone tells me. Thanks for confirming that the remote/receiver should be good to buy. I greatly appreciate the input on my parts :slight_smile: as well

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