Anyone ever seen/tried these? | WHEEL SHIELDS

Pricey but seem like a cool idea, could try to DIY them.

Probably could manage to make your own, and have them supported by the trucks? I will be trying to make my own.

can found it on thingiverse and print by 3d printer, it will save a bit instead of buying.

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I’m pretty sure all the wheels we use for eskate builds are too big for these

Link? I think being made of metal is key if you really want them to preform and protect against wheel bit, but plastic would still look cool and offer a little protection.

here the link,

not exactly the same, but functions~~ haha

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I designed these after having a look at the wheelshields for inspiration. These ones use a different locking system which simply use the truck nut which is super simple. Let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations.


Really nice, loving the design. You should adjust for few most common FlyWheels as well! But this design will not work on the drive wheels, correct? There is a back plate and screw heads on that wheel so it might (will) interfere with mounting, if I’m imaging it right :slight_smile:

These were designed to fit over 80mm wheels (in particular the Orangatang Kegels). I have just bought a set of 97mm so I’ll prob design another set for them.

With these not working on the drive wheels it really depends on what type of motors you are running (inward mounted outboard, outward facing outboard, or hub). Outboard motors would be tough as you wouldn’t be able to mount them as they are currently designed. You would need to make the wheel overhang shorter so it wouldn’t interfere with the motors.

I ride my board basically every day as a commuter on the streets and never had an issue with getting wet/dirty from the rear wheels. It’s only ever the water flicking from the front wheels.

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I have this problem a lot. I get wet/dirty from front wheels and the underside of the board gets trashed as well. I really like this idea.