Anyone from Bangkok or New Zealand?

Hi guys, not entirely sure where this belongs. I’m traveling to Bangkok on Saturday and New Zealand after and was wondering if there are any locals around here :slight_smile: I would to meet up and grab a drink or go for a ride. I couldn’t bring my boards, no lithium allowed :wink:

Just pm me, I’m happy to invite you to dinner or lunch :slight_smile:

@Rosco Is from NZ I think


This might help you find someone

Yup. I’m in Christchurch. Off the board for a while still tho I’d say after a decent spill about 4 weeks ago doing about 40kph. Ankle and heel injury. Will PM Julian

Kia ora, I’m moving to Christchurch and am planning on buying an electric skateboard, however are they fully legal to use on pathways and roads? According to NZTA, motorized skateboards have difficulties meeting the safety standards and other requirements, so they cannot be operated on the road. This just my main concerned as I’m going to use it for commuting within the city and to school. Cheers

Don’t know actually mate I have never thought of checking.haha. Plenty of people on electric scooters here, I would think that they probably about the same in terms of safety? I commute in mine at times. Usually in the bike lane. Never had an issue with it myself.