Anyone from London?

Hi, Anyone else is from London and is building an electric skateboard? It would be good to share tools, experience and even shipping cost.

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Chirp Chirp :stuck_out_tongue:

which one? Canada, UK, USA, France, Chile, Oceania, the one in space?


Fair enough, UK :slight_smile:

Not quite, but i am in the UK. South Wales :smiley:

I’m from South Wales but live in Cumbria now.

yep i’m in London, Wimbledon to be exact. where you based?

also - happy to share costs etc etc to make it all easier…

@makevoid is London based we had a ride out last weekend.

London’s fun

Just read early post - thought it was about riding together, sorry

@sikkolo and I both work in IT as well, maybe we can organize a ride altogether soon, the one with @dogeatgod was pure fun

I’ve another gig in town this weekend

Where do you guys ride? Atm I’m riding to and from work, with some exploring in Wimbledon. Trying to steer clear of traffic :wink:

Started from O2 - went around park, bus lanes, cycle paths etc then headed to river around Greenwich/royal naval college, under river and around Canary Wharf. Anywhere along river was good.

Do you guys ever get south of the river? :wink:

@Sikkolo should be around your area, I’m on the other side but I will definitely come west if we organize a ride :wink:

Hi There, i am south of London, in new Malden! Still working on my Build but very happy to go out, as soon as i learn how to ride it.

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I’m in Wimbledon!!

I bought a build to get started and get my snow legs back, but already started on parts for my own build. I ride the back roads where I live, and the park nearby.

When you’re ready, let’s do it!

Sounds great!

Hey guys, check this out:

Go sign up so we get more people on board!

Have just invited him to join us here as well.