Anyone from NYC able to rebuilt motors for me?

Hey guys,

I have 2 DIY 6374 motors and have shaft play and might need bearings replaced and I wanted to see if someone in NYC could rebuild these for me obviously at a cost. Please let me know.

Or if someone has links to purchase the bearings and such I can try it myself.



Look at the end of the shaft at the bottom of the can and make sure the play is not coming from the flat spot wear. Ive had that happen on different brands of motors. The fix is an aluminum weld and then grind it flat again.

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I would need to take it apart to see that portion correct?

Nope, just look at the bottom of the motor. There’s a flat spot on the shaft that rides on a flat spot on the can. Sometimes, with a lot of heavy riding the flat spot on the can will push out and allow the shaft to wobble and rotate freely.

The first time it happened to me I was really confused. Its the first thing I look for now when I have motor/shaft/wobble issues.

This is how I fixed mine, its sloppy looking (Im the worlds worst welder) but it resolves the issue.

The first time I did this repair I took the motor apart to get the can separate from the electronics, you don’t really need too. Just be careful and be fast so you don’t heat it up too much. Any welding shop can do it, you need an aluminum weld though. Shouldn’t cost more than 10 bucks and takes 2 mins.


I will check my motors in a bit. Thanks for the infor mmaner.

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No worries brother, good luck.

@mmaner @Enigmacpl03 would either of you guys have a dead sensored 63mm motor you would sell the hall sensor board from?

Ive got 2 6355 270kv motors that are NOT dead, but I would let go cheap. Say $40 each.

unfortunately I dont my friend. I have 4 motors 2 are meh and 2 are good.

Thanks for the offer, that’s a sweet deal. Just need the sensor board though, plenty of motors :wink:

I can dig that, Ill prolly end up using these ona 6s system before its over :slight_smile:. Always building something.

motors are pretty inexpensive. you may as well buy new ones if you’re going to pay someone to fix them for you. what brand are they?

DIY, I think I spoke with you on the telegraph app.

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