Anyone good at making molds?

I want do Vacuum form or Via layup make some cases for my Wife and I’s boards. What I am lacking is a decent mold.

This is supossed to be the result. And this is the mold I need preferably made of wood if anyone has a router of something and could make this that’d be great. Can provide Drawings and or step files.

May i ask you, do you own a 3d printer?

I do I would just prefer something made of wood or so.

I may be able to do this out of MDF. I’ll let you know tonight

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In my mind’s eye @bimmer is Bill Lumbergh’s twin :zipper_mouth_face:

Happy troll Wednesday

Wood, expanding foam, bondo…it’s easy…


Easy with mdf, proper shaping tools, good design, quality plastic, bondo, sand, bondo, sand again. I make gold prospecting equipment with a lot more detail. is my prospecting web site, may do some enclosures, maybe customs.

Very nice mold, you want a job? Squishy

Sorry dude, I have a job, but I know a guy in Sacramento without a job who can do it better…