Anyone good with cnc routers?

So I need to route a flare spot on my deck to fit my enclosure as the wheel wells are blocking a seal and board need be waterproof…iv use of a custom not but never used one …it’s a workshop so I’d have help… do I just measure the dimensions of the enclosure and route out th dimensions ?any tips? The guy there said I could mount the deck using the truck mounting holes

I’m sure @longhairedboy could give some great advice on this subject.

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I have worked with CNC routers many times, the way it sounds is that you are trying to drill into the deck directly, while this may not seem like a problem, they way CNC works is you first create a model with stock material and it the program you are using generates the best way to get rid of that stock and create your model. However, because decks are not flat in almost all cases you wouldn’t be able to upload the exact stock of the board which could lead to unwanted carves and it would be very hard to get exactly what you wanted. It would lead to more carving on the higher curved parts and less on the lower curved parts, this would harm the structural integrity of the board and could cause the deck to crack under pressure. If you had to do this I would recommend using a self guided milling machine, but if you decide you really want to try CNC you can make the stock a little higher than the tallest point of the board and carve out a rectangle, this would allow you to mount your enclosure assuming that the enclosure itself is flat. You can avoid these problems with a 3D scanner however those are not easy to use and not worth the trouble unless you really know what you are doing.


you would likely be better off using a guide and a manual router. You can make a guide out of metal or wood, just make sure the contact surface is smooth so that the router doesn’t snag on it. this will likely require a lot of jigging but it will be worth it.


Damn doesn’t look good for my plan lol maybe @whitepony can help

Any easy instructions on how to build one for those of us who are too lazy to find one themselves? :sweat_smile: Found this from long ago. Any additional info probs would be considered bitchin’…

That’s my build if you need pointers ?

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I actually might! Awesome books btw. I bought a router but have really no idea how to set it up. The pics of your process seems well covered but if I’m stuck it’s great to know i can pick your brain. :nerd_face:

practice on other wood before you attempt on your board. And don’t rush it by trying to take too much material off the board at once. Do small amounts of depth (1/8 to 1/4 inch at a time) YouTube will be your friend here

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Went really good decided move the wheel wells and trucks back with Abita design too then tried to even the front truck mount to the back and the deck not being flat it screwed up the front one not sure if it’s safe but back looks cool af I think with a bitta sanding photos to come

Photos!! Lol

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waiting for my shit battery on my shit iphone to turn on…i hate apple its a 5s not a 5c so extra 50 quid if i wanna get the battery replaced

So here’s the rear mounting holes and wheel well “wings” lol


I use mine hours a day on aluminum to make motor mounts I sell on here.

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to smooth out those well wings use a program like fusion 360 or other auto cad, they smooth the curves out for the router. Fusion is good becausee it’s easy to learn and free for “students”

@Boardnamics what brand of cnc router do you have?

The MPCNC by vicious1

That thing looks sweet! I’m running a Shapeoko 3

Smooth out tho in what way like ?

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