Anyone got a CNC Machine?

Hey guys, as most of you know, I am making my own mounts. Unfortuanetly, my school didnt have any of the right mills for cutting alu…

they ordered 50 carbide roughers, which take a loooooong time to ship.

So basically, im wondering if anyone has some scrap alu 6061 5.5mm thick and 12mm thick is optimal

I’ll pay, but I dont have alot of money soo… hopefully price of materials? Oh also, if someone helps me out here ill get them one of the finished mounts for free once they are completed

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I’m in us

I second this. Who has a personal CNC machine? I need someone to make me a motor mount even though I have access to a manual mill.

send file to me, i am in china, price here is much better.

I think shipping would kill it for me but here are dimensions

@GrecoMan make sure that you have complete trust in anyone that you send your files to. Your original design might end up being used (and sold) without your consent.

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yup, that’s why I just posted general dimensions

no use, drawing like this can be done in minutes…, but copy is not nacessary, every one can design mounts now… , my frist design was 3 years ago…


I have a hybrid shapeoko that I use to cut my mounts. Problem is I have a really limited window of time to use it as I’m busy with a million other things - work, teaching, housework, family time and rebuilding my own boards.

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yea I also agree with @dickyho, CAD has become incredibly easy and popular over the past couple years that almost anyone can do it now…

Either way I would like to not get my mounts stolen :joy:

I’m considering buying some super cheap mills off amazon for this one cut, the prime is soooooo tempting

Sure not, I trust my design better…

$11 for 2? That’s a no-brainer.

yea cause its not like I don’t have 4 shopbots and a Tormach sitting collecting dust in the shop

unfortuanetly though, my debit card currently has $0.00 on it thanks to this hobby…

go check every couch for change!

haha maybe its time to make a deposit into the bank…

Aha! I’ve found a few dollars! I’ll try to order tomorrow and see how they work out

4 Flute for aluminum is baaaaaddd. Get two or even single flutes depending on your workpiece. Your dimensions are a little odd, might want to stick with nice and easy even numbers for simplicity. Those 3/8" bits are way too big for your design. Most mounts are made with 1/8" or at biggest 1/4". The slots couldn’t be done by the looks of it. Even on the outer profile much of the edges would get rounded


This is true - 2 flute upcut is the way to go.

I’ve been cutting AL for a while using these with zero issues: