Anyone got a R-Spec 6355?

I want to get an enertion 6355 r spec because they are the best motor. They do not sell them anymore however.

I’m pretty sure Maytech 6355’s are identical other than the wires.

I have one on the board I’m selling

Where are you from. I’ve got 3 spares on the shelve. (Europe/Belgium)

here ya go

if you are in the US, check damon at @longhairedboy - he has also some dope 6355 with sensors.


yep, @longhairedboy is selling the same ones in a sensored version.

Beat me to it, I was going to link to UNIK :smiley:

i need to go through my bins and box up some shit for a garage sale. I’ll bet i have a half dozen perfectly good enertion motors sitting around now that i’ve been swapping them out for my own for testing.

not to mention a pile of extraneous shit like bolts and heat shrink and samples from people like a Flier VESC that’s never been used.


oooooh post ur esk8gargae sale up here


Anyone know if this motor is any good:

Hey Skitzor,

Was just wondering if you still have those enertion 6355 rspec lying around? Could really use one of them.

I have plenty of N6354 270KV motors. 54US+16US shipping by DHL to USA.

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Hey dude, did you manage to find any enertion r spec 6355 that you’re willing to sell?

I’m probably just going to keep everything like a hoarder.

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I have one left.

How much with shipping to UK??