Anyone got any battered calibers or clones?

I’m in the United Kingdom. (20 character minutes)

Got clones

If they’re not diyeboard I’ll take them. What width?

180mm. And I don’t know what “brand” it is

Yeah alright. I’ll pm you a postal adress

If anything falls though for any reason just let me know because I have an extra set of calibers & I can throw in some upgraded barrel bushings too. I have 88A, 90A or 93A. $20 for both trucks and bushings plus whatever shipping would be.

That’s a very hard offer to refuse I will be in touch. Cheers

I dont want to hijack, but @kuphjr if @Newby doesn’t grab those calibers and you want to part with them for another newbie :wink:

Hey I think its gonna be over $25 to ship to the UK so it will probably be too expensive for @Newby. However, I can ship anywhere in the US for $10. I also have 2 motor mounts for 63xx motors if anyone is interested. I’d sell them for $25 each + shipping which is half what I originally paid. I can post pictures in a few hours but I’m currently working. (Well technically I’m on the forum so really I’m just getting paid to respond to this thread lol…)

I have 2 blue satin caliber trucks! They are in normal condition!

Hey, idk what’s happening but newby has bought some trucks from me and I will ship today :slight_smile: