Anyone got xt60 plugs in the bay area?

rather not redo plugs on focboxes. I’d ride over and get them.

is the connector on the focbox male or female?

I have this:

Also have one with 5.5 bullets:

changed my mind and went with this xt90 freak job. what you think?cd39b637f48858baded9dfbede597f19f22d885b_1_666x500 . have to blast the big pieces with lots of heat to get it to stick. Id like to do tests and compare resistance to wires sometime. want to pot the sawed off plug so can pull hard against it with a loopkey.

I don’t know, Doesn’t look like there’s much gap between pos and neg

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yea that wasn’t what I wanted ideally but it can be done better. it’s just to try it out nd I’ll do it with much more room on my deck. but should be good I think at 6s voltage jumping I’m guessing .05mm distance. what you think for 6s?

I like it.

It hold well

Really it was done after trying to fit two 16awg into one xt90 plug !

Might be ok as long as no dust or moisture gets on it. I just like to keep lots of distance between pos and neg. I may be a little over cautious.





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hahaaaa ha. yup. hooo

but if it is glued solid to the deck and with resin on top too…it’s a wire. maybe not as durable as a silicone wire but with it fixed to the deck it eliminates a lot of dangers.

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