Anyone had any issues with the TSG Pass Helemt?

So I finally splurged and picked up a TSG Pass Helmet. Only problem, is they don’t pack any protection for the helmet during shipping, so it arrived with scratches on the lens and 2 fairly large cracks on the back of the helmet. So I have a replacement coming, and hopefully this one is not cracked also when it arrives. But has anyone else had a similar experience?

It bothers me that for something which is so fragile, they use ZERO foam peanuts, air filled bags, bubble wrap or anything to protect it. Was literally just in a box with absolutely no protection. And if this one comes cracked also, I don’t know what else to get, since TSG seems like THE brand for skateboarding helmets.

Another side note, there’s a tag stitched in that specifically said for downhill long boarding or biking only, not for motorized devices lol. I don’t really see how falling from an eskate and from a downhill longboard is any different, other than your likely going faster on the downhill longboard due to the lack of brakes,

Motor cycle helmets have a different certification process, DOT, SNELL, or ECE (preferably DOT and SNELL both). Skateboards and bike helmets are CE certified. Motorcycles can obviously go a lot faster, although some DH ppl do go above 45+ but it’s a very small group of ppl overall. Usually when you crash from an E-board or DH it’s in controlled places w/o traffic unlike a motorcycle.

Where did you buy from?

Amazon. They’re sending a replacement, so it’s not the end of the world. But it’s disappointing that both amazon AND tsg put no protection into their boxes. Heck, I buy a $20 helmet and it comes in a foam cutout (made by the manufacturer) that protects it. Why would a company make a near $300 USD helmet and no give 2 fucks about it arriving in one piece? The loss to amazon of this helmet alone is probably their entire profit off of me for a year, and I buy a lot of stuff from amazon. Heck, I buy a $3 box of pens, which is like 8 inches by 3 inches, and they send it in a 2 feet by 1 foot box with way too much padding. And pens won’t break if they hit the floor. But an expensive helmet with nothing? It doesn’t make much sense.

…The helmet cracked just from shipping ???

yes, which is why I’m also concerned about how it will hold up to an impact. It’s very possible that it was dropped from some height (like it was stacked high up on a delivery truck and fell over) and/or thrown around. There was only 2 thin layers of cardboard between the helmet and the ground (because there was not padding to protect it from either the shipper (amazon) of the manufacturer (TSG)). They are not the worst cracks (I can only imagine the cracks of someone wearing it and slamming into the ground), but very noticeable near the bottom of the back of the helmet, which IMO is the most likely place I would hit my head (since I’ve trained my self how to tuck and roll from any off-balanced position). There are noticeable scratches on the lens also. My initial impression is, why is this helmet so expensive? Even the lens look like cheap plastic and is chewed up looking on the edges.

Sooooo…there’s not thin plastic film protecting the shield? That’s odd

I feel like it was used, returned and Amazon resold it. Im thinking of buying this helmet since everyone recommends it but this is unsettling. These helmets are like one crash and done.

There is, but it only covers the center of the lens, there’s a 1 inch or slightly less gap around the plastic lens protector of exposed lens not protected by anything. It comes with a tinted lens on it and a spare clear lens. The spare clear lens came in a classy fabric pouch with lots of protection.

You might be right on the return thing. We will see when I get my replacement Saturday.

Take pictures they should send you a replacement period … That’s not how you deliver a helmet

Am I the only one smart enough here to buy a $30 DOT motorcycle helmet off EBAY?

Lol hey…a brain bucket is a brain bucket no mater how much you pay

Isn’t a motorcycle helmet too heavy? :confused:

I know with bike helmets you’re not supposed to use them after a crash, even if they look ok. They’re made to crack on impact. I crashed my road bike going 25 and the helmet cracked in 7 places and saved my life. Specialized gives 20% off crash replacement, at least :slight_smile:

I guess not for me, but…

What I’ve read is that motorcycle helmets are to heavy and viewing angle is a little less and muffle noise a little more. There is some that are recommended for downhill though. Still way better than no helmet.

So an update. I got my replacement helmet today. No cracks this time. However, the lens is scratched again. This time, it is on the inside. TSG packs the instruction booklet and accessories inside the helmet. There’s a plastic piece that protects most of the outside of the lens (expect for an inch around the edge of the lens) but there’s nothing to stop scratches on the inside of the lens. I think attaching no lens and packing the lenses would be safer than attaching one with little protection.

The other issue I have with the helmet is that it doesn’t protect the bottom-front of your chin.

The helmet is extremely light, and feels great on your head. The field of view is amazing, but I just expect companies to pack a near $300 helmet better.