Anyone had experience with turnigy 200A 1/5 scale car esc

Has anyone had any experience with the turnigy track star 200A car ESC on esk8’s. My old ESC turnigy Dlux 80A HV fried running 8S and I am thinking of using this one as the replacement.

This is the esc that fried:


that 200A ESC seems like a little bit of overkill. most people get by with the 120A or 150A but I guess for the price its still cheaper than VESC…

I have heard bad things about dlux…

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I have had two of the 200 amp TURNIGY ESC’s. Both no longer function correctly after 50 miles.

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What happened to them did they burn out?

Definitely not worth it when you can get a VESC for 10 bucks less.


Yup. On one, I have to re-calibrate the throttle every time it’s powered on.

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@NickTheDude where can you get a VESC cheaper ?

diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ :slight_smile: