Anyone have a creative way to mount a 45mm battery pack in a 40mm enclosure?

So I’m planning a jet spud build and I really love @Eboosted s enclosure, but I can’t really drop the money for a custom(and much nicer) battery. I’ve picked the generic 10s2p 30q pack from ownboard as that’s where im getting my hubs from too…

There’s just not enough space as is, any recommendations? :slight_smile:

Edit: I also understand that there’s a ds version, but Im really trying to make something that looks nice and “natural”

mill out the deck?


pour a ring of salt around it and throw holy water at it while yelling “Christ compels thee, Christ compels thee”. Be ready to screw it down quick… :slight_smile:




Reconfigure the cells to make the pack flatter - easier said than done.

Perhaps you should consider using ACME’s bespoke hole service for your deck:

Maybe buy this instead:

(I have no experience with this particular battery)

Also, have you reached out to battery builders on the forum? Budget?

Use a very thick gasket?

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13mm neoprene foam? works well for me fitting on concaves

This is somewhat creative

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By @orangeman on the french forum

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Too funny just don’t let this guy see that post. Won’t deal with me because I used the term esk8 porn in some communication.:joy: image

Do you have access to a printer? should’nt be too much trouble to get a riser made up. Or as @Acido said if its only 5mm you could mill out the deck to keep it stealth.

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Ill probably just end up milling it and keeping it stealthy!

thanks @acido :slight_smile:

This thread might help with the routing technique

This is the best you are gonna do. I have done it myself in the last. Go to Home Depot and buy some large foam seal. At my Home Depot it’s near the “doors” aisle.