Anyone have an easy connector for 2 x VESC to Space Cell?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has found a good supplier for connecting 2 x VESC to a Space Cell battery?

Trying to avoid soldering and making a mess :slight_smile:

This should work:

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I don’t think that will work. The connectors are backwards.

I have a guy on eBay that makes me whatever I need, he just makes a listing for me. Although I am now soldering my own connectors.

I can make whichever size you require. I’ll even add the xt-90 anti spark connector. Let me know the length of the wires and I’ll do it.

Will this one work? Looking for a harness to connect a raptor battery to dual vescs. All XT 60.

It would seem you’d need the connector from HobbyKing that is wired in parallel as: + 2 + & - 2 - the one for $2.31

will this one do

You need a parallel connector not series.

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ahhhhh. thanks. ordering now with some other stuff. I looked for this and couldn’t find it.