Anyone have connectivity issues with the mini remote?

I think I am getting signal dropout with my mini remote and receiver, anyone else having this issue?

Most people haven’t, it’s very reliable. Maybe the antenna is pinched or there is a lot of interference from your power wires.

Good to know, ill check it out thanks

Very reliable remote…also my favorite just because of regular battery vs rechargeable

Are you sure your not referring to the Nano remote? Can you post a pic of your remote? I have my mini remote receiver mounted right between 2 Vesc’s and it never drops out or has any other issues.

this is a pic of the mini remote:

After a pretty bad crash. My receiver died. But there was no drop outs before it died. It was fine for a few miles then it just died.

the receiver or the transmitter?

The one that’s connected to the vesc

Yup that’s the one. I’m wondering if the enclosure is compressing the male servo connector plugged in the rx and causing the issue.

I’ll open it up and take a look

A loose connection of the servo cable either at the receiver or the Vesc could give the same effect of a drop out. I’m betting that’s what the problem is. You need a heavy duty servo cable that fits tight on the pins. On my Vesc’s, I put a zip tie around the servo cable and the vesc close to the connector to hold it firmly on the pins and it has been very reliable that way. Some peeps will solder the servo wires right to the pins or remove the pins and solder the wires to the vesc pcb. If you vesc is mounted loose in the enclosure it will be even more likely for the connector to work loose.