Anyone have experience with keeppower 26650 5200mah cells?

Im in the process of building a 20ah 11s battery pack and Im unsure which li-ion cell is best suited. after some consideration 18650 won’t be best option because I’m limited on the length of the pack and would rather not stack the cells to keep the enclosure low profile. does anyone have experience with 26650 KeepPower 5200mAh IMR26650 High Discharge Flat Top cells? from what I’ve read they’re great cells and are accurate on there rating. Im looking to build an 11s4p pack for my extended range cruiser.

Look into the Sanyo 20700A cell and the up and coming (but not available yet) Samsung 30T

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thanks for the tip. is this it?

That’s the ‘B’ version which is 4000mah 15ah discharge. the ‘A’ verison is 3000mah and 40A discharge I believe

okay thanks. I’ll check them out. A bit lower in capacity than Id like but something else to consider

I’m waiting on the Samsung 47P, for a perfect 10S2P to stick in my ego2 battery enclosure, suckers are gonna be pricey though