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Anyone have jst-ph 6-pin connector they are willing to sell?

So all my parts have finally arrived and I’ve just realized that I’m missing a jst-ph 6 pin connector for my vesc and remote. All the options I see online will take forever to get to me. Does anyone have one they’d be willing to sell to me and expedite the shipping? I’ll gladly pay way over market rate. Otherwise, does anyone know where I can get one online that’ll ship to me ASAP? Thanks for your help.(I live in San Jose, CA)

Also, why do you need a 6pin JST? The PWM pins are only 3 pin servo

I bought this when I only needed 2:

I’ll gladly ship you one if you cover the shipping. Let me know here or PM me.

@jinra this is so I can connect the nyko Kama to the vesc

That’d be awesome and greatly appreciated. Will pm.

I have heard that soldering directly is a little more reliable than even the JST connector.

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Soldering’s always more reliable, but also a bit more permanent. One solution I saw was to superglue the JST connector into the receptacle. If you put just a little bit, it’ll be strong enough to hold, but easy enough to dislodge with some force.

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Superglue or maybe even hot glue are deinitely a good middle ground. I think I’ll solder it, mostly just since I feel pretty comfortable soldering and I’d like to extra reliability. :slight_smile:

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I’m in the need as well… Would you mind sending another? Happy to pay whatever! J