Anyone have or can build me an 8S battery?

Hey everyone. I currently have 2 4S 5000mah Turnigy batteries but I still haven’t figured out a good enclosure.

I was thinking of buying a new, better battery, and combining it with an enclosure, on-off switch, and BMS. Doesn’t anyone have one or can build/recommend something like this for me?

I have this board: , a VESC-X and an SK3 6364 245KV if that matters.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Where are you located? If in the US - i’d recommend @barajabali - he’s the local custom battery builder for us stateside. There are a few others elsewhere - usually the biggest challenge is location as shipping lipo/li-ion is tricky…


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I’m in Canada unfortunately. I could get them shipped to a UPS Store in Buffalo where a friend has a P.O. box though.

Thank you!

I have an 8s5p battery here, made by chi-boards that I have yet to put to use. It has a bestech bms with e-switch. As I’m injured and too busy to build anymore boards for myself, I’d sell it to you for $400, if you needed an enclosure with it I could do that too. (I know the guy that makes them…)

$460 with enclosure