Anyone heard whether the Spacecell Pro 3 and 4 shipped on time?

I’ve been trying to find out whether the new Space cell enclosures have been sent out by enertion as yet. No word from them. I thought they were going to be shipped around July 15th. Anyone know anything?

ay lmao if you expect stuff to be on time, don’t

I’m really disappointed that onloop hasn’t made any comment on this as yet. Even if it’s to say that there’s another delay I’d really like to know anything…

Maybe some people have real problems …

Forget you ordered it and you will have a nice suprise sometime in the near future. That’s how i look at it, and you will live life more enjoyable this way :slight_smile:


A $500+ surprise? Idek the p4 has been in transit for 2 weeks. Makes me think they probably dropped it in the ocean by accident

The only thing you can do about it,is worry…

No point … Just check after one month why it didn’t show up, after 2 months why it didn’t show up , etc. As long as you hear “delayed”, you can happily enjoy life further while waiting for your big suprise

I received a space cell pro 3 at the beginning of the week. Didn’t get a tracking number though. It was right on time

What was its status on the website

It’s still “Awaiting Fulfillment”

Also, I’m in France.

I get alerts from UPS whenever there’s a package addressed to me. I got one from UPS with a tracking number and it’s from “MACROFAB, INC.” which I’ve never dealt with. I’m hoping this is where my SpaceCell Pro 4 is coming from!

Macrofab ships VESCs and the Space cells for NA

woohoo! since I already got my vesc it must be the spacecell. guess it’s time to start putting it all together so I can eat asphalt!