Anyone here ever shopped e-Power Hobby?

Has anyone ever purchased anything from They list quite a few e-skate parts that look like they may be pretty good. I’d like to find out if they are legit or not. I couldn’t find anything on them within this forum

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Most of that stuff on their site is crap that we all stopped using for various reasons a long time ago.


If they can’t afford to use HTTPS then they definitely can’t do anything else right


I purchased Longboard kit, was easy to install. Just did some modification for battery cover to set large 10Ah battery. Other than that, I like so far.

We boycott this site because of its name.

Do they sell minivans to soccer moms? No they don’t!

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They listened! Seems legit now… Not

Lol wrong thread

I think I’m looking at that same exact kit. How’s it been for you? I’m not afraid of having to fix broken stuff from time to time. Seems like a decent value - can you say anything about the ESC? Is it VESC based?