Anyone here into mobile (car,boat,bike,esk8,etc) audio?

Any of you guys into mobile sound? Any sweet install pics or stories? I have a 2010 Volvo C30 T5 that I installed mostly Polk, but it turned out really nicely and I’m super pleased with the results. I can build a list over the next day or so and take a pic or two but here’s the car anyway.

Uh yeah I like my jams…

My car is running 13 year old Polk db6501’s components front and rear, and a 10 year old Polk 10" DVC sub on Alpine amps… The system has been in 8 different cars lol. The cones still sound like they did after they were broken in for 50 hours on low wattage.

Components are hidden behind stock panels otherwise I’d take pictures… It’s really about the sound…

To say the least…my icarus has custom fiberglass boxes because I need my jams…

Can see more build pics in my thread…won’t clutter here with pics


I have dabbled in audio stuff for my cars but ive had decent experience with kicker and at times rockford fosgate. I still need a new deck for my pickup since it’s stock and doing the whole tape aux thing

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I don’t usually skate (rollerblades, skateboards or otherwise) with earbuds in (even one) because I don’t like not being able to hear cars, but I do love my music. I made sure when I bought my Audi that it had at least the second level of sound system (there’s 3 levels in the year models around mine). I’m not the sort of guy to stick massive thumping subwoofers in a car but I do enjoy having a stock one in my Audi. It’s a convertible so it really helps when driving at highway speeds with the top down :slight_smile:

Convertibles are tough to get good loud sound at speed. I’ve had a few with systems (98eclipse spyder, 04s2000, 99miata) and all were only kinda worth it. Really just a good clean signal to two amped components and a sub are all you really need. In my Volvo I have all Polk speakers 6.5 Polk components front, 6.5 3 ways rear amped by a sound ordinance (crutchfield brand) and a polk sr12 dvc in a 1 cu ft SEALED box amped by an mtx at roughly 650watts rms so it’ll certainly bump but i was going for more punchy sound for metal and electronic/hip hop

Your system is like the older brother of mine except i have an mtx sub amp and crutchfield brand (sound ordinance) 4 channel for speakers. Also my sub is way overkill but I had it left over from a previous build otherwise I would have gone with a compact sealed box with a good 10

Lol yea… I will say it doesn’t sound older brother. Even though it’s old as dirt. Good quality amps, clean power, and clean signal wires will help your cones last year’s.

I’ve done the installs on all 8 cars it’s lived in. I moisturize the cones surrounds once every year or so as I run them upto 90W RMS/continuous per channel.

If you got Polk components. Your drivers will break in in about 50 hours. But the tweeters take about 200 hours to break in properly so they don’t sound overly high/metallic.

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that thread is awesome

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@Deckoz Both those setups are sick!

I had a sweet setup in my last car, I haven’t had a chance to put it into my new one yet. Panasonic deck, Kenwood fronts, Infinity 3-way backs, 1000W Rockford amp, 1000W peak Kenwood ported sub. Little bit of a frankenstein, but man did it ever sound incredible.

Got a pair of authentic, cable modded (by me) Sony MDR-7506’s with CMOS amp for on the go, and a pair of Beyer DT770 pro 250 Ohm silver cable modded (also me) cans with Fiio e10k at my desk.

only a little bit of an audiophile :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m listening to my SR80 grados a lot more recently in the house.

Those are a great pick. I tried a pair a while back, I didn’t end up liking the fit on my head, and they’re open back which makes them a problem when the wife is watching TV, but they sounded incredible for the price.

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