Anyone in Europe order from

Anyone in Europe order from instead of the eu site ?much cheaper(vat=nil)

Uhm doesn’t everybody already order from the ru site?

If your from outside europe you do ya but wondering if using the ru site and being in europe is a problem

You can’t even ship to the EU from the ru site. Nkon is in the Netherlands. The ru site is for non-EU customers

Doesn’t it add VAT when you checkout so the price willl be the same as ordering on

Nah the ru site has 10 30q cells for €2.75 vs the eu site being €3.14 without vat for 10

Try to checkout. It’s not going to let you select a European country when you try to calculate shipping. Or else everyone in the EU would just use the ru site…


Oh right shit

Maybe use a VPN to bypass it Then Buy it and they see European address And they will be forced to pull through and say it was glitch?

I thought of that but not sure it’s work as the message comes up when you select the country

IT works, PayPal Address Payment Shows what i changed,

Best option message them and cut a deal.

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Sweet idea I already ordered through the other site tho :[

Add any batteries to cart write Russia, everywhere after you clicked what shipping method to use,

On the right Side you can see Billing address shipping address,

So side click on Russia Click inspect Change that to your country and Click pay with PayPal,

Worse case Paypal will force a refund,

Ya but if they’re sent from outside Europe customs could seize them…

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You Call them and agree to pay 20% no?

Just tell them bill me,

And batteries there are like a third cheaper, Ofc Were Just speculating And its good you got them safe and clean Returns to Russia sounds terrible.

PSA: Hacking the site to make it work may not be legal in your jurisdiction. Please consult a lawyer before you do that.

Also, if they only have validations on the end-user side and not on the server-side then they’re surely already hacked and you shouldn’t give them payment information anyway.

As I have said

And I meant that,… Because that would be theft, Who cares if its legal or not, My point was contact them Via Email and Arrange something.

I can fix cells from nkon for 3.0 € ink shipping :wink:

You can Fix broken, Or you’ve gotten new cells from them for 3.0 €?

Can order from an friend that works with them so they genuin

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