Anyone in Hershey PA

I’ve been riding my longboard for a while here in Hershey and been wanting to go riding with some follow esk8 riders around here theres great places and it’s always fun riding round town. Anyways anyone here in the general area of Hershey want to go on a ride and talk about esk8 and shit. :wink:

Fuck yeah! I’m only an hour away!! About time we got some more PA riders… can’t ride yet tho due to my ACL injury, but this fall we are definitely meeting up!


I cant fucking wait to meet another rider here!:grin:

What’s the asphalt like out there? Greenway/roads/parks?

Hershey isn’t that far away - 3 hrs tops.

It’s really depends where your riding in hershey. Theres some nice roads to ride on the outside of town. In town theres parks and roads.

Is anyone in PA coming up to the Bloomsburg fair? It’s not far from me and is one of the largest in the northeast if I remember correctly. We could zip around for a while and then walk around and get some good food.

I can also show of the Tayto build and my AT Evo. I have a couple other boards if you have a buddy that dosnt have one.


Im up in NYC this week for the Enertion Boards demo and ride, but maybe after ill try to make it up there.

Heard they’re opening a cartoon network themed hotel in Lancaster. Was planning on taking my son there and to Hershey sometime. I’ll make sure to bring a board

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