Anyone in Los Angeles with voltage meter who could help out?

Hey Guys.

Is anyone here from Los Angeles with voltage meter who could help out with my build ? I’ve got wicked battery setup and while connecting everything together it started sparking for 2 seconds and stopped. Is there anyone here who could help tomorrow and has voltage meter and knows something about batteries ?

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Tell us more about your set up. What battery and what we’re the circumstances that causes the spark. A spark would be expected while connecting a battery in some scenarios/setups.

One of the forum members is already helping me out today, hopefully we can get it fixed. I’ve got modular battery and it seems that I’ve connected the packs in wrong order, and that might have caused the short.

You could always buy it and message them your in socal and you would rather pay cash in person after you win the bid. If they fall for call local police and request a preserving the peace escort. They will escort you if the numbers match up you will get your board back. The problem with calling the cops is black and whites don’t do detective work and good luck getting a detective to lol into an isolated incesent. Black and whites won’t get involved with he said she said detective case work however they will and have to go with you to preserve peace and if you have a report the serial numbers and the stolen item in front of you they will help.
Sorry they only let me leave three replays per topic

Seriously, your just posting in completely random topics…

Also NAF what hub motor is that? I’m intrigued.

I was messaging bigbadtoys as I had located what was likely his stolen board. My account was new and so I was only able to make 3 posts in the same thread. My account did not have the option to message him directly so I navigated to another thread that he had recently posted on. Sorry for the confusion. There was a small window of opportunity because the eBay auction for suspected stolen board was about to end.

Weird but effective lol

@Deathjunior That’s CARVON Single Hub v.2.5