Anyone In Need Of Motor Adapters?

Hello, I am selling motor bullet adaptors or extenders for $10 shipped. They come in anywhere between 3.5 bullet/banana - 5.5 bullet/banana. All orders are shipped priority mail. For now it is US only, pm if interested.

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You may want to add pictures for all the people that don’t know the different type of connectors. Also, maybe look around on the forum to see what other connectors people are having problems with or most commonly used and make those as well. My .02.

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Thanks, edited and put some pics of the one I am currently using on my board, it is a 4mm male to 4mm female to extend the length of the motors phase wires, all will come with heatshrinked connections and cable mesh for a cleaner look. They will be made upon request.

I’d be interested in a set or three

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Bump, 2 people satisfied so far. Offer still stands

any more 5.5 to 5.5 bullet extensions?

I have the same heatshrink tube box lol

i ran out of that heatshrink a loooooooooong time ago lol

anyone know of anyone who would sell this type of extension?

What do you need exactly?

5.5mm bullet connector extensions for my motor

How long do you need it?

like 7-8 inches maybe

That’s no problem, I’ll shoot you pm tomorrow when I’m at work

alright great let me know and hopefully i can afford it lol

I need 4mm ones and also 3.5 to 4mm ones.

Hi guys I’m looking for 3 x adaptors to change 4mm bullet (male) to 3.5mm bullet male - the shorter the better.

Can anyone supply there?


If u send me the connectors I can have it done for you and have it shipped back same day or next

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