Anyone in Newcastle, Australia?

Just got my first board (ownboard) and am putting together a build with dual 6374s. Having fun cruising alone but would love to meet up with others as well.

P.s my other hobby is brewing beer :slight_smile:

Come down to Sydney for a ride if you feel lonely over there and/or join our Facebook group: Sydney Electric Skateboarders. We have regular group rides on weekends as well during the week. Always happy to see a couple of DIY boards within the crowd of Evolves, Boosteds and Chinaware.


Down to the big smoke!

Yeah sweet once my build is done I’ll head down, where do you guys ride?

I have definitely seen a few boards around Newy there has to be someone on the forum from here

Yeah that would be sweet. We have some routes around the city which are pretty awesome.

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